WTF: What Twin Flame? This Article Will
Shock Your Reality And Set You Free

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

OK let's get things from the beginning. From your own personal point of view. Not from someone's else's place but from yours and yours only. As this article is written for you. So listen. And listen carefully.

Since I was a kid I knew. I knew that all of this around me is my own (your) world. And by watching everyone and everything around me suffering it didn't make sense. How can my wonderful creation suffer like this? At that time yes it felt like my own personal world and I was the God. And I felt trapped, unable to take control and save people, animals, anything.

It took me more than 30 years to realize that indeed this whole world is my own perfect creation. With everyone and everything in it. Yes, you are in my world. And yes I live and coexist in yours too.

As crazy as it sounds to you, you are the absolute creator.

But this blend of beliefs, habitual patterns, your current level of perception and awareness along with your Zodiac, social, family, religious programming, complete your Reality as it is and make it so "complicated" and normally brings confusion instead of clarity.

So I always knew that somehow you need no one to ask for help, but instead going within is enough to bring out the God and create the miracles you seek.

I created an advanced meditation which will help you create even bigger miracles proven by people worldwide!

This was taken away from me from a young age due to heavy and intense brainwash by my family to religion and "God" as they thought of him.

A God which created guilt to every part of my psyche. From my sexuality, my points of view, my freedom of expression, you name it.
Don't listen to this music is demonic. Don't drink this, because is a holy day. Don't eat this, don't do that, you are guilty of virtually anything.

So all my negative experiences led me to a long and very dedicated journey of discovering the Truth, which for sure was something else that what was out there so far. A journey as I used to say, of freeing the True God of Love who somehow was held prisoner somewhere, by human interaction.

And I was right. I went deep down the rabbit hole to learn things hidden in plain sight, things which the religions were altering in order to induce fear and guilt for final purpose, the manipulation, and control of everyone.

So I trained my self after years and years of research to find faults into anything which raised my suspicion as half, incomplete. or in case it was lacking in morality while pretending to be Light.


I was for all my life deep in occultism, spiritualism, eastern and western philosophies, you name it.
From Upanishad to Vedanta, to Abramelin the mage and so on. I was literally into anything spiritual but I never came across to anything such as Twin Flames.

Until the day she left for some other country. "We are Twins". WTF was that? What Twin Flame and unicorn eyeglasses?
 The love of my life just threw up on my grave, acting as the biggest b*tch in the whole Universe and she declares we are Twins.

This highly spiritual connection - as I discovered later on - it had sooo many red flags which made it even more suspicious. Now hear me.

You met a guy/gal and you fell in love, suddenly they go away for their own reasons or so ever, and after a lot of abuse you start typing in google "he runs away", "he says he loves me but he goes away" and all these kind of searches, just to find answers for all these crazy things that are happening to you. Most probably you ended up in this article like this in order to clear some confusion.

But here you are safe.

You see, I always acted from the rational base of things and also from the place of the experience of a God of LOVE who acts as a medium and mechanism who acts towards your deepest dreams if you use it properly.

Who composed this whole Twin Flame story first? How valid is this scenario?
 Who told you that you are a Twin Flame and how you came to identify with this label?

Is it based on a normal phenomenon caused by Zodiac Mismatch plus Karmic debts and lessons?
Don't you think that these articles talk about Karmic partners?

Are these stages and dynamics like Runner-Chaser, Push-Pull, Bubble Love Phase simply talk about normal psychological reactions which happen under specific circumstances?

Experientially it brought more difficulties to me than blessings, as the fight through the depression and the Dark Night of The Soul, it was a lonely and personal business. AS ALWAYS.(I gave her credit for a long time just to realize TF's work as triggers only, YOU are doing the job and you must accept the credits!)

We manifested from a low point of perception and this scenario worked as a Karmic payout and also as a test for us to see our own deepest unconscious patterns and fix them accordingly.

You are under a lot of stress and pain most of the times after the "good periods" have gone.
So by the Law of Attraction and Correspondence, you are going to simply keep creating negative moments and emotions in the future too! Most of the people tend to get also physically ill after some time.

You tend to ignore all the negative signs from the very beginning. You watered your dreams way too much, that you were stuck in an endless delusional "honey moon phase".

These are enough to tell me that this labeling went too far... This Twin Flame can be a Karmic partner, a Narcissist, a well-designed hoax towards our sanity, but nothing so magical as you would really like to see it.

Only if you knew how much I wanted to save my own"Twin Flame". I changed so much with the hope to see her saving herself too. Just to realize I was only saving my self from all of this. Nothing changed for her as this is NOT the point of those connections.

They have no meaning at all. And this is going to hurt you even more...

You are the one who gives a meaning and a label to anything. For some their Twin can be their Dark Narcissistic old story, for some a magical connection which lasted only a while, for some something precious which most of us can't see....

Labeling can create all sorts of problems. Attachments issues, Stockholm syndrome, endless Karmic circles, lack of clarity, divorces, broken families, blindly following someone else's perception of things.

And all of this labeled under the term spiritual. People going away from their families, people full of psychological issues, people who 've been abandoned in young age and seek their One, doing all these crazy things against their morality and their dignity.

And it's ok to leave your family and your husband because you found your Twin Flame and so on and so on.
An abusive story which has so many flaws, makes you wonder, who invented these Terms and linked these stages together?

Who is the one promises Union with anyone who simply is not there for romantic reasons?
Why didn't you realize that all these articles talk about the NOT romantic side of this relationship and then they promise some kind of a Union? WTH? Ding dong, wakey people.

If you are a Spiritual Warrior on a mission then you will get this. If you didn't get it so far, please make your self a favor. If by any reason you are in any abusive relationship, or any relationship which resembles signs you are reading about on the Internet, go away and go immediately.

Nothing that is Good will have a bad feeling into it. You will feel at ease. You will feel secure. A connection will be there, as also communication and mutual respect. If someone runs then it's you, away from anything or anyone who disrespects you. Not away from the one you love the most. YOU.

Cause if you don't love yourself enough, you probably had attracted a ..."Twin Flame".

Go through that test. And if you stand up to your dignity and morality, you might earn your self the title "a Real Twin Flame". And then who knows. Maybe that another "Real Twin Flame" will pop up in your life. But don't trust my word! :)

I am Alex and this is my message to you. I am a genuine 33, moving ahead along with all of you.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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