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The Path of Magus -
Twin Flames And Their Original Connection

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

For many, it can be so confusing. So confusing, that they actually think Real Twin Flames are some kind of masochistic narcistoempathetic people who try to destroy each other.

Yes. That's what's really is.

Two rare entities, who carry the Duty of Knowledge and the Duty of Cleaning The Karma from a vast bloodline of Generations of humans.
The kind of Knowledge which marks you with its vow of silence and its terrific consequences, as everyone around you is a complete stranger and most of the times an "enemy". And then, after all, you need to forgive them and also pay for their sins too!
 Masochistic duties need masochists you see!

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You might ask, "how the hell can you love someone who literally did anything possible to destroy your mentality and sanity?"
"Isn't it disrespect to yourself?
Didn't you Alex told us about how your Twin taught you about safe boundaries, by playing a role that didn't fit her image at all?"

Yes. And this is how you transcend the boundaries of human attached love. NOT the easy way for sure...

Twins are One.
But One is also divided BUT never disconnected.
And sometimes the other part will be Good and sometimes Evil.
BUT it will still remain the same One Part, always connected.

This is how Twins really know how to love each other. By totally embracing their other side. Whatever that other side is. No matter how hard it is, they will go through it. Simply because when they first meet and interact with their etheric and bodily energies, they actually, secretly, awakening each other to their better versions of themselves. But also at the same time getting them ready for what is about to follow...

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And what follows is the Path of The Magus. A Path of Initiation to the higher arts of Magick. A long path which begins with the introduction to the dynamics of your Twin (many feel strong and weird kind of vibrations within their bodies weeks prior their first meeting with their Twin) and heads to the Dark Night of The Soul which is the main and most intense part of the Initiation.

You see we come to be awakened to our Natural State of Being.

True Matrix Manipulators.

A King Magos.

A Witch Queen.

The Ones who Carry the Knowledge and the Connection of All.

The Most advanced of all Arts.


In previous lives, He and Her, The Magus and His Witch, carried the duty of protecting and serving Mother Nature and its inhabitants,
by keeping the moral and ethical structure of the planet in a balance with their Powers and Knowledge.
Serving others, healing, with their energy and also with the use of herbs and rituals.
(See how many New Agers today are into vegetarianism, herbs, Tarot, Magic, Reiki Healing etc etc)

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But the other side did a good job of disconnecting humans from their primary source of power, Mother Nature.
They keep doing this by polluting water, food, by keeping the men in the "fast" lane of everything, fast- food, fast-internet, fast-distraction of your attention so you can remain disconnected from nature and its beneficial vibrations.

The "Others" too, have been using Dark Magic to rule the "Soul Game", they have been using important dates like dates which include portals like 11(khmmm khmmm) and 22 to create huge human sacrifices by imitating some kind of "attack" or incidents and so on. And that went out of balance...

So the return of the Real Twin Souls was a necessity. To help humanity return to the Old Code of Ethical Structure which makes this Universe vibrate in its natural state of Prosperity and Well Being.

But do you think that Twins are only some kind of super-beings? NO.

We are also under a human conditioning and zodiac programming as all of you are. We are more sensitive and perceptive than anyone else. Our actions don't make sense to the ordinary, and our vibrations and hyper intense presence are unmatchable. But to get there takes a life of extremes only known to the ones who are about to follow the Path. A life that if you had to choose it you must be some kind of paranoid lunatic!

And in this sacred and holy Path, you are Initiated to Real Love. Real unconditional love... I will admit that when I met my Twin, my love wasn't unconditional. She kept insisting that I should love her like this but I was like "but I love you more than anything else!
How can I let you go, how can I feel that you are with somebody else? Now that I found you, how can I lose you?".

You see, I couldn't see.
My love was possessive, full of attachments.
It's ok though, as it's love again in a way, camouflaged under of layers of faulty patterns of psychological issues caused mostly by our parents that we need to deal with eventually.

So they run away from you, They will not answer you back at your messages and phone calls.
With no reason at all.
They will ignore you, they will treat you with complete cold-hearted attitude, they will do everything literally.

But that's the test. Will you still love your Twin after this? Will you win with your Love? Will you transcend the boundaries of the human Love Limitations and be able to love with all of your being someone who is never there?

YES. Cause at the end of the day we ain't ordinary, we simply don't follow neither we apply your rules of logic and interaction, but we are here to bring the New Dawn.

YES it's strange to love someone so much when you can't be with them, as the energies and the excitement of love are beyond anything you ever experienced making this connection so magical but at the same time so intense and at times unbearable. But also do not forget that your Twins duty is to also project and pretend the Dark Side as they are your other half.

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So how did I connect the dots? I will give out only some of the many hints and guidance I received through the years. Before I met my Twin, I was "guided" repeatedly to the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley. I took some first impressions about the connection of Egyptian History and Gods, Kundalini and the "Law of Love" with our own Path and Purpose. But for years I was passing it by until she came and left.

My Twin is Leo with Leo ascendant, and when she left, 5 random girls appeared out of nowhere through friends or random meet ups and they were all of them Leo with Leo. I was utterly confused. Each one of them was representing a part of her own psyche. I slowly started to realize also why she did what she did and that helped me ease my pain somehow. But they all had something else in common...

They all knew somehow that in their previous lives were witches and they were burned... THAT made things even more complicated for me. Who were they and what was the meaning of all of this?

A year later I found my self, studying, and practicing occultism and I could only do that after my Twin broke the barriers of fear within my psyche which only allowed me to study only the "safe" parts of Magic and its knowledge.

And there I discovered about the Path of the Initiation and the Dark Night of The Soul. The DNOTS is a highly designed process made ONLY for those who are about to follow the Path. The Path of Magus.

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To experience life, you need to taste death. That's what DNOTS is all about. To awaken us to a different part of our selves, well hidden under layers of fear and auto-deception caused by the weaker parts of our consciousness.

To become a True Magus you need to have no vulnerabilities or so ever. You can't lose your attention and focus from your objective not even for the slightest mili-second. Each thought manifests especially when you are around your Twin which makes the energy way stronger and efficient. So clarity and purity of mind are absolutely essential if you seek Union or Balance within the relationship. But you see, this happens after a lot of training and enduring the various stages of this connection.

The Love True Twins have between them, is a Love of awareness and recognition.

"I know you, my Love. I know who you are. I respect you, I respect my self, you are free."

Twins ain't ordinary, We can love so deep because we recognize things on a deeper level. We are not going to have patterns that you will be able to recognize. We will confuse you. We will shock you. We will put a spell you...

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


Twin Flame Meditation