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The Truth About Twin Flame Union
You DON'T Want To Hear About

By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

I felt the need to write.

I felt the need to connect.

To connect with my beloved Twins. The Real Ones. The Rare Ones...

The ones who struggled to bring back in Light their lost Twin and gave up on nothing. They did everything. For their Twin. For their Self...

The Self which was forgotten under layers of programming, abuse, abandonment, rejection from Mother Luck in any possible way.

The Self which asked from the bottom of its heart some true Love. Just to share the awesomeness and the rarity of its Uniqueness. You wanted some Love for Gods sakes, do you remember that my Twin?

Why did you end up here at the first place?

Do you remember that hun? Huh? Or did you forget it all along this Path...
Which began because you watered down anything which made you happy cause of someone who did what? Are you still sugar-coating this so it won't taste as its supposed to?

Transcend at last! Evolve! Become the Love you want to experience! BECOME!

This Twin came to remind you that you watered all your original desires and whatever makes you happy.
 And also at the end of the day to close the chapter by making you realize that you are happy just by yourself.

The reason they don't go away easily sometimes, is because of the goddamn "echo response" method of the Universe to ask you "do you still want this darl?"

But I know that if you are a Real Twin Flame, the spiritual Warrior of Light, you will get this faster if you didn't already.
 Cause Real Twin Flames, sense the trap from the start, they fall into it (yeah laugh here) but sooner or later they recognize what they did wrong, they don't blame their Twin or anyone for the outcome, at they are turning everything to their advantage as they also recognize that THIS TOO is one more of the accession games which Real Light Workers go through. So they take the test, go through the proper changes and they advance.

And I keep saying Real you know why? You have to deal with this too. In Spirituality is not only, "hey focus on the positive and all is sunshine and rainbows and honey gummy bears." Here is Duality baby. Good and Evil, Hot and Cold, Female and Male, you name this, is just one more rule in this game you call Life.

Do you get it?


Life as in Alive.

Alive and Breathing.

And someone has to respect their breath.

Their Own Life.

I had enough of reminding you how special you are. I keep reminding you to go away from anything Toxic and eventually and finally stop labeling it with labels like Twin Flame and My One etc etc. And even it is special but it has gone to an expiry date just deal with it and move on!

Hey, I 've been there. I know how hard it gets. I 've been betrayed and abandoned like a piece of s*it and then I excused it in the name of spiritual development. Just to be left almost dead to an Endless Dark Night of A Soul...

Yes, it has a lesson and a meaning. BUT ENOUGH THOUGH. Don't you think? Isn't this madness?

I woke up to the Truth as I dived deep into the morals of this story and the ethics of long lost generations, to protect others from disgracing their lives and dreams due to lack of proper knowledge.

Pick up your pieces and let's put them back correctly this time. OK?

I am not a Twin Flame prophet or pretend to guide you to illusionary Unions.

I am a Twin myself. But not only. I didn't come this far by chance. I wasn't thrown to Darkness to fight with the Demons of others just for fun. I efforted like nothing else...

I am here as all of you Real Twins Are. To Bring back the True Union!

The Union of our Rights with Our Dreams. The Union of Our Hearts with our long lost Emotions.

The Union of Man with Mother Nature. The Union of Feminine And Masculine. Anima & Animus.

Union means BALANCE. Stop labeling the Union of Twins as something physical, romantic and Earthly.

Union Is an internal alchemical transformation which leads to a new psychosomatic structure in a fast and effective way.

A Unity necessary within our Psyche for our personal health and well being. A Unity made specifically for the Warriors of Consciousness.

The proper dose of Feminine and Masculine Energy in one's body and energy field which brings balance and peace.

I will never stop emphasizing on this.

Twins are Empaths, Light Workers, Wizards of the past, who came in this reincarnation with their Dark Twins.
This is one person imitating two vibrations, and two realities. You can also be the "Narc", in your Twins Reality, as they transcend accordingly to a parallel dimension. Hard to comprehend, but your Twin can also be "good" at a later part of the journey, or they might remain the "False" Twin in yours, according to your own movement in life.

Is not easy to go away with the dynamics and the whole story you experienced. The energies are strong and they require a ton of knowledge and techniques but again this is a part of your evolutionary process! (If you can't make it, I can help you too!)

You can have your Twin as a soul connection and if you have someone in your life that you love and care about, stop labeling them.

Love them instead. As Twin Flames YOU are. Never fell into the trap again of loving someone life a Twin, like a Soulmate, or like this or that.

Love everyone and everything with intensity and integrity, always from the place of unconditional love.

I am Alex and this is my message to you. I am a genuine 33, moving ahead along with all of you.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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