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Twin Flames: "The End of Romance"

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach & Project Manager

After a lot of researching and endless analyzing I thought I must write one more post. Again. About the exhausting never ending chapter of twin flames or twin souls you name it.

I was thinking, ok, all that development is nice and such but as a Twin Flame myself I am struggling to find within me the beauty of falling in love.

Yes I fell in love with her, in an intense and no logical way, in a magical experience everyone could be jealous off even if it wasn't all honey and fun.

Yes, I can recognize all the lessons and the need to go off some egotistical patterns in order to become a better person and love in a more balanced and harmonious way.

Being no depended/attached in an egoic manner, giving the other space and time and more understanding, seeing behind the issues and the fears, loving unconditionally, being there while the other is absent with no reasons and trying to excuse everything.

But at the end of the day, this is a war.

A war against love.

A war against true genuine love that comes with compromises, faults and immaturity and yes, a ton of insecurities.

Isn't it then that your baby girl will put her head on your chest and you will comfort her telling her how much you love her?

Isn't it beautiful to hug her for hours, literally (real TF know what I say) and stare at those magical eyes with no words and no need for anything else?

Isn't it awesome to have that wonderful being holding your hand while you walk the path of life and to feel that connection without the so-called "lessons"?

And what the hell is wrong with the God/Universe that once you have that relationship, even if they go away, you are not able to love anyone again or being able to have something that amazing with anyone else? (or at least this is what they keep repeating on the forums) "Once you meet your TF nothing will match that love ever again, you will never be able to love in such intensity etc etc".

Well.... F*CK.

Imagine the rest of your life for whatever reason not being able to love or be loved in that intensity again... And to sit there waiting for someone so confusing yet so magical to come back even though everything says that this is gone forever. And all of the Twin Flame pages are repeating the same thing.

"We are through this because we need to let go of the old "love relationship" scheme and advance into the new paradigm". *Insert endless ironic silence here* Where the hell can you find the awesome vibrations of falling in love with someone, holding their hand, dancing and laughing and running with her, fighting, making love, kissing slowly, aggressively and passionately like nothing else matters?

The excitement to listen to her voice, opening the door and watching at her smile, traveling with her all over the world, having her resting on you while you are on the bus, eating together and teasing each other every f*cking moment, are you kidding me or what?

>>>The Cure for the Dark Night of the Soul<<<

These Twin Flame pages need to shut down immediately as the only thing they do is to remove the hope from all of us. There is no hope when there is no love on our vision or the belief that we don't deserve romantic and magical love. There is no ability to dream when love is absent. There is no desire left when love is gone. And this 5D culture of insanity needs to come to an end. If you want to experience a 5D world go and die.

Yes. Go and f*cking die.

This is a 3D world full of awesomeness, amazing nature and people and YES we all have the capability to become better IF we really want to and get our egos to develop, without having to struggle in depression for the rest of our lives waiting for people to come back cause we believe in a Re-Union of some kind cause we read it on the internet.

Even that is a mambo jumbo theory as no one ever experienced a complete and balanced TF relationship, everyone is on the run because of their stupid insecurities or because they are indeed manipulative and dark people that happened to pass through our lives.

So many people are left in the dark fighting and waiting for someone to make them happy and complete again while they lost the hope that they will be ever capable of experiencing such a beautiful connection again.

YES you will experience something even better, the Universe gets you through such relationships so you will become more capable of enjoying and cherishing the most beautiful that is coming without your insecurities and fears and your attachments. You are becoming more whole and complete in order to experience beautiful romantic AND unconditional love.

Even if you don't at least you are becoming more powerful and the possibility for a new person is there ALWAYS. Because you freaking deserve this! YES YOU!

Take the lesson your TF gave you, become less attached and more depended on your own ability to be happy and make other people happy too, let go of old issues and traumas, become aware of your awesomeness and get ready for more new thrilling and magical experiences.

Cause you are a worthy being of the Universe, a warrior who came to serve a great purpose, not a victim that came down here to be abused by pathetic insecure weaklings. You belong to the rarest. And don't worry. You can enjoy all the kinds of love that exist. Don't listen to the shadows that deliberately want to remove the most powerful force that exists. Nothing can replace love with anything else. Don't let them take this right from us. Stand up and fight!

Let our voices claim this right we all have in this plane of existence. Love your TF, love everyone.

But don't let anyone take the possibility of MORE romantic love, the possibility of MORE awesome moments. If that person you are calling TF was meant to be there it would. Stop excusing people with insecurities.

Love knows no boundaries.

Love has the power to change everything.

They are trying to subconsciously plant the info that love is weak for spiritual reasons.

Wake up and FIGHT. We are Legion. We are the Warriors, the Light Bringers, the pioneers of the new World. Nothing will stop us. Love is our Power. We fight on that, we don't abandon, we don't betray. We endure, we persist, we win. Always. Namaste. Greetings to the Star Tribes. FIGHT!

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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