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Why Real Twin Flames Keep Turning Back

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

You can't have them until you go through all the stages, you can't communicate with them, everything is just one more trigger which ignites this rollercoaster craziness of emotions and questions, but here they are. Appearing out of nowhere, always though with a reason...

But what is that reason? And why the f$@! something you just realized that you don't want in your life keeps popping up?
After all these lessons and all these hardships and after your ultimate choice to just ignore them and terminate this connection,
 here they are! POP! Surprise, surprise!! Here I am!

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When I first saw her again (at the same path I was walking every day to deal with my DNOTS depression!) after 4 and a half months after she left for another country, I had NO reaction at all and also I felt emptier than ever!
That was so strange for me as each time I see her, even today, I get so emotional, so of everything.
Yes, I just moved out of The Dark Night Of The Soul (read about DNOTS HERE) and I was half dead but that was not excusing my emptiness.
Later on, I realized that everything I was feeling, was due to my transmutation and also due to a "higher" protection as the "reasoning" of that connection, has all the forces of the unseen taking care of you... or not...

The second time we met through some common friends and again the dynamics were absent again. No reason at all, but then again I came to the realization that I consciously started protecting my energy and my personal territories but at the same time, I was blocking love and valuable information. Stay on this as I am going to come back to that specific again.

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The third time we met during our separation was on the period of Venus Retrograde.

Legend has it, that Karmic Partners or people from the Past will reappear so you will get the lesson finally with the clarity of Mother Venus shining your path, after the Plutonian chaos which led you to this state. BUT a Real Twin is a blend of everything.

Karmic, Soulmate, Lover you name it. They will also have parts from parent love, parental attachments so on and so on.

So when she appeared she did two things. She first showed me my own mistakes by telling me all the reasons she left, where most of those reasons had nothing to do with me, as I wasn't even aware of her inner needs. Then she started acting with all those characteristics in her psyche which I, at the first place, allowed in my life, by allowing her behavior and attitude to control my life and emotions.

She actually helped me NOT to get over her and just completely throw her out, but love her even more by recognizing her human side and just let go of my own needs and expectations I had for her.

So at the same time, I raised even higher safer boundaries, which helped me to reduce the dynamics of all these crazy emotions I was feeling even when she wasn't there.

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She also reflected parts of my own psyche which needed healing.
She didn't allow me to hug her for her own reasons. I said ok and I left.
The next day I couldn't hug anyone and I felt like I had to go away from everyone.
 For one more time, I realized that whatever your Twin does, is a deeper reflection of you and your wounds, even if you want to admit it or not.
So I went even deeper to do more inner healing, to accept NOT her, but me. As this is what your Twin wants.

They want you to raise up to your own incredible power and to remove all that is limiting you from becoming your God Self, which came here to serve and protect. And they are going to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING even if it hurts you so bad, just for you to break free from the Earthly attachments and the old relationship paradigm.

We keep appearing into each other's lives at random times, always expressing our Love for each other.

Through that process, we realized exactly what was happening as we both dedicated our lives on searching for answers. We transcended our Love to a higher plane, we recognize our Selves and our Eternal Love in the Spiritual Plane, we recognize our immaturity and our triggering "function" in the 3D plane, so we are not in a normal human relationship but we are both now complete with the awareness of our purpose and that our bond can't break, as it has no attachments or such.

I wish to anyone to release their Twin the way we did. Cause you are NOT going to lose your Twin Flame,
but a portion of your Ego which want's everything in its own suffocating, attached way.

It's not easy I must say. You can't just let go of the one you love more than Life itself. But the Universe made sure with the relationships dynamics (runner, chaser, longing, pulling) that it will take you there eventually.

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They keep returning until the last inch from your old limited, confusing Ego falls apart. I can't explain to you though how I managed to meet the love of my Life and let her go while being happy when she is, even if she's not with me, but I 'll tell you that thing.

I feel more than blessed, cause I had the chance to meet the only person in my life which made me feel every emotion even the negative ones in such immensity and power. I am blessed cause she helped me see what I was doing wrong to my self all these years with her own sacrifice.

I love you my Twin. You will always be #my22

(Is Your Twin Flame Keep Coming Back? Let Me Know In The Comment Section Below)

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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