Find Out How and When
Twin Flames Meet Each Other 

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach & Project Manager

  One thing is for sure. That they meet no matter what, because is pre-planned and pre-destined through lifetimes of reincarnations and a gradual unfolding of a bigger greater mission.
Do you believe you are a genuine Twin Flame or Lightworker on a mission? Now listen to this.

  They will pop out of nowhere when you are actually are about to go on your mission thinking you are capable enough, just to bring up the deepest and “oldest” crap from your unconscious.

  Just when you are ready to teach others, they come to teach YOU. Because they are one and the same with you, in the wounded side, in the dark side...Your own inner child. Scared. Full of doubts.

  You might even start your mission together... They will show you ways to improve almost everything that has to do with your effectiveness in your mission, with or without their knowing (as in channeling).


 The timing is always Divine and as much as you try to influence it or cause it that will never happen, as it depends solidly on the state of spiritual progress of both of the Twins.

  Twin Flames go to missions, together or alone... They meet to alchemically transmute into their own higher and better versions of themselves when it must be done.

Nothing can force this kind of relationship from just simply manifesting, it's a holy Divine process which is designed to ignite a multitude of psychosomatic processes, which I found out to be a kind of a “zodiac reprogramming”, an advanced stage of spiritual advancement, from Karmic cleansing to returning back to the “Path of Magus” (more on my discovering soon – subscribe to receive a notification email).

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  Many of the people out there are eager to meet their Twin Flame as they have the perception that this is somehow a romantic relationship and they even try to meditate upon it in order to manifest it.

  Accept your unique path my friend, and if its meant to be, it will be, no matter what. If it already started, then... hold on darl. We will make it through. #my22 #my33

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


Twin Flame Meditation