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Thanks For the Butterflies...
The Eternal Love of Twin Flames

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach & Project Manager

Yes, my... TF, thank you.

  Thanks for all the lies as I learned to be True to my Self.

  Thanks for all the broken promises as I learned to be loyal to me.

  Thanks for running away from me as you made me return back to me.

  Thanks for the abandonment as I now I am by my side, needing no one.

  Thanks for stealing my joy and laughter as I now enjoy the company of my Shadow, as I now made peace with my own demons.

  As I now sit silently in my Hell gazing the humans passing by, totally empty yet fulfilled as my blood became a sacrifice for the sake of some higher purpose.

  Thanks for showing me how fear can push away all love and beauty.

Thanks for helping me realize how small and pitiful humans can be with their fake smiles and broken promises, thanks for reminding me that I am not one of them.

  It might sound selfish and egoistic but we are the ones holding our hearts in our hands wondering why and why over and over again. It is us who look to find a sign of emotion, a sign of happiness, all these blows upon our souls left us here dead, pretending spiritual development and enlightenment but who we kid at the end.

  Try to remember the immersive energy of 2 beautiful creatures being in Love, dancing together with no worries, full of ecstasy and grace, feeling only love. ONLY LOVE. Smiling, laughing, teasing each other, traveling together, enjoying moment after moment with such wondrous and magical sense. Remember that beauty that intensity of pure Love, the Love of the Starseeds, the few, the chosen ones. The Rarity of that, the preciousness of that.

No, I will not thank you for the betrayal. No.

We don't do that darl. Not us.

We don't kill each other with our fears and assumptions. Not us.Twin Flames - Laughing Socrates Blogspot - Alex Ftoulis

Remember? We stared in each other's eyes to only see the Universes dancing within us.

  We hugged each other and the energy that creates Worlds flew through us.

  We killed the magic only a few people are destined to feel. How stupid can we be?

How little can we be to run away from the immensity of such love?

We have to deal with that, don't you think? We have to finally accept that love like this hides magic and magic hides tremendous intensity and yes we are made for this.

  I am a King and my place is in Love, not in fear, not in abandoning others, not in running away destroying others with no remorse with no morality, no that's not me. I never was and I will never be. In the name of Love, I will keep giving battles as the warrior I am.

And by the name of Love be the Queen you are. Claim your Self.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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