I Love You Now. Unconditionally.  - The Lesson of Twin Flame Relationships

By Alex Angel Ftoulis

Can I ask you something?

I always wondered.

About the "Divine" habits and processes.

This Twin Flame nonsensical process.

Yes, its about spiritual development and letting go of old relationship paradigms.


You ask yourself over and over again.

Why I deserve this? What have I done to deserve all of that nightmare?

You just found the most magical person to share everything with.

And you are surrendered in their arms, with a sense of knowing.

"Hey, I know you! We are alike! We've been together for so many lifetimes. I know."

And you hug each other for hours literally every time. And you are experiencing a portion of a heaven you always believed in, in a way. And then... they stare into your eyes.

And the silence of the Universe becomes music in your ears as they penetrate deep into your soul.

You hold them by the hand and you run, you run, they run...

You dance, you laugh, you are alive, more than ever in your life. All is more than magical.

Everyone can see that connection you have. It's more than vibrant, it's more than any word can describe...

And you fell in love. And then the show begins.

Fears appear. Fear of losing them.

You want them all yours.

You want to make sure they are real, not just another play of the Fate.

And hell yes is more than a game this time.

Suddenly all crumbles apart. With no reason.

And they run.


Due to their fears and insecurities.

Due to whatever reason. And you left behind.

Feeling betrayed one more time in this f'd up life of yours.

And you try to run after them. And you run, you run again.

Broken in ways no one can understand.

How is it possible for someone who loves you so much, someone who experiences all these wonderful and magical moments to just go away, you ask yourself.

Nothing makes sense. And here you are. In your own dark corner, afraid of everything, again. There is nothing left for you to do.

And eventually, you surrender. But where? To a fate that took away what you love most?

To circumstances that betray your dignity and self-respect? No.

You surrender to the idea that you can't control anything in life.

You surrender to a process of transmutation.

Of healing. Healing of old hidden broken love expectations.

And as the pain destroys every part of your Ego, you release everything.

And now that you lost them you realize that you love them, no matter what they did to you. You love them unconditionally. Without having them close to you. As you love yourself more than before now.

But then again you don't want to see them again. You are afraid. You are tired of falling in love with whoever cares less. You can't trust them anymore and it's ok.

You seek for communication. For contact. For mutual love and understanding.

Now repeat after me: "I deserve equal and mutual love. I deserve recognition and respect as I love and respect myself first."

But then again is so tough... So cruel... It rips you apart each day. You don't want to wake up again. You had enough. You walk around like dead, without any dreams, without hope, with nothing left... Your eyes turn empty. Emotionless.

But then again is ok. As you left with nothing to desire, as all you loved and cared faded away, you left with nothing but a different desire.

A desire to help others not to feel like you did. To help them love themselves enough so they won't suffer as you did. And that is all about. A process that will eventually lead you to your main purpose and mission in life.

So if you are under this process remind yourself. I am not who I think I am. I am more than that. I came here to serve, help and support as I came here to fulfill my higher purpose.

Life can be awesome. If you make that choice.

And HELL yes you deserve awesome hugs and amazing magical moments but make sure first that you get rid of any expectation and also you need to remind yourself daily that all the love you seek out there, you already ARE. Love and Light to all of you. Make yourself a favor and focus on how awesome you already are.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


Twin Flame Meditation