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Twin Flames - "The Aftermath of Chaos"

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach & Project Manager

And here you are...

After all these up and downs, the falling in love, the falling in the Hell of the Dark Night of the Soul, the most intense depression you ever had, all of those questions that baffle your mind and soul and here you are, the runner left away and you are not seeking for them anymore.

At least not with that intensity as before. But are you not seeking for them or the previous love block walls just reemerged through the psyche taller and stronger? There is a strange peace within but also the absence of desire to love again makes you wonder.

There is a general “I now love unconditionally” but if you search deeper, is the aftermath of all those motherf***ing blows, all those notions of betrayal and abandonment that happened once more in your life and especially from someone who presented themselves to you like your other half.

It's just you with your head between your feet, humbled and destroyed like never before.

And you read all those articles to soothe your pain or find an explanation for their inexcusable attitude that is worst than anything else you ever met before, you excuse all of it on a spiritual process that will somehow take you higher.

You are locked like never before and love can't flow again and is even worse now. Money stopped flowing you have no desire to experience romantic beautiful love and even its thought causes disgust to you. ANY difficult situation has the tendency to help us look within, not just TF dynamics.

The difference is that when you experience such a relationship the damage has no holy or divine purpose. Unconditional love is nice and all of that, but the magic resides in our ability to experience duality in this reality with all of its essence and significance and troubles but also remain there and find solutions and move together.

There is nothing holy or divine by running away or by living in fear or by betraying your loved one acting like an a**hole with no reason at all.

There is nothing holy when you are seeking for a sign of emotion within you and there is nothing to be found, there is nothing divine when you are left drained and abandoned and you are seeking for the power to dream again and manifest wealth and support again in your life but you can't cause you are more than dead.

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And all of those people who still remain in these relationships waiting for a change or a miracle are just wasting their lives focusing on a nightmarish and foolish relationship that leads absolutely nowhere but to more self-disrespect, to more unworthiness and self-pity and victimization.

Yes, it might have an effect on your spiritual journey but so does a death of a close friend or relative.

Anything shocking can cause a change in one's psyche, but it's not a joke to remain in situations that promote disrespect, lack of loyalty and royalty and immorality. Most of the people in Twin Flame forums and pages are having hidden affairs with people that are married with children and they excuse it on the TF theory.

This is some major BS and is completely unethical and has nothing to do with the spiritual journey. If you have been in a real Twin Flame relationship you will know that once the runner keeps running, the lesson has already given and you need to let go and move on in your life and try to claim back at least your sanity and your ability to love and be loved again.

I know that it will take some time as the test left you almost dead but hey, next time don't open your heart to the degree of vulnerability. You are precious and you deserve love, awesome moments and people to be by your side, not some coward mothe****ers that run away cause they can’t handle love.

We are warriors, we are meant to fight and win but we also deserve respect, loyalty, royalty and all the emotions that promote happiness, romance, excitement, joy and also anything that will help us keep on vibrating higher and higher.

Don’t fool yourselves with the scheme of the “martyr” that is meant to lead the change in this world. And if your ego is undeveloped take the chance and introspect and do what it takes without the need of any external process. Believe me. You will die at the end of the journey. You don't need to keep punishing yourself for the sake of any spiritual path. Go meditate. Chill. Help some people. Then fall in love. Again and again and again.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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