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Love. What a Beautiful Thing. The Real Battle of Twin Flames

by Alex Angel Ftoulis

You are in love....

  All suddenly changes, everything has a different vibe now. More than words can describe.

  Well, you are so much in love that you can't stare at her eyes more than a few seconds without blushing, your heart pumps like crazy and for the first time in your life you act like a complete stupid.

What a beautiful thing!

  And those puppy eyes... *sigh

And you hug her and your worlds collide leaving behind a stream of ecstatic emotions that you can't control at all.

  And you grab her by the hand and you run and you dance and you are happier than anyone else in this world and you know it and you feel it. You can do anything for her. Anything. Your mind and heart are focused on her constantly and you dream your life together, you dream every moment you want to experience with your star.

  She is your heaven, she is your every heartbeat, your every breath.

Anywhere you look you look for her.

And if you are sad only a word from her on the phone is enough to cure all of your worries.

Only one word.

But this is a Twin Flame story, yes?


And now you know that suddenly that word is not there anymore.

That familiar sweet voice. The one you used to laugh and play with is not there to reply.

 And you have to fight. Fight the confusion, fight that little voice in your head that can't accept what happened.

 And all the hell brakes loose... And you know you love her but why she is not answering, why she runs?

You know you did your best and that confuses you even more.

And the mind unfolds each kind of excuse and scenario to identify what might happen.

No answers, no reasoning, nothing.

  And you dive in the abyss of uncertainty. You blame them, you blame yourself.

Everything you knew about love is being compromised. All of the romantic patterns you both created with such magic are now fading away in the cruelest unimaginable ways.

  But then they return. And for a strange reason you accept them, forgive them and give them one more chance.

The first steps to unconditional love you see. Their excuses don't make sense but you love them so it's ok.

It matters that you can stare at their eyes again.

  Well.... but yet they go away again. And again.

Until one day you had enough. You lost all of the feelings, all of that magic is lost.

  And the Dark Night of the Soul begins.

The most painful heart-wrenching process you have ever been.

Your life is slowly draining out of your eyes...

All excitement is gone all the will for life is vanished.

You don't want to interact with anyone, you don't wanna do anything, you stop eating normally.

All happiness is gone suddenly and you left in a mode of depression never thought possible before.

Huh, the Universe with its alchemical processes you see.

They don't mess up there, the engineers of this Life want something from us. And if you didn't realise what let me tell you. Ego. That's what they want to subside within us.

That old beast that is full of conditions and fears and all of this crap.

>>>The Cure for the Dark Night of the Soul<<<

  But in this kind of love, you know what is a MUST?

To learn how to truly love... Without attachments without expectations.

  But you are going to say to me how is it possible to love someone so much and not be attached to them?

Yeah, you are partially right but here is the trick. Attachment comes from the fear of abandonment. Lack of trust in general.

  Yes, you can love your lover and be with him/her but without the suffocation of attachment. How do you achieve that?

By loving and accepting yourself so much that it will be possible for you to reflect, attract and receive that kind of love.

  The problem in the TF relationships is that people are focusing on the human aspect of this Union and also on the other person instead of themselves. When we focus on us we expect results FROM US. When we focus on us we don't judge others or anything external.

You see happiness will never come from outside! It's triggered from the external illusionary world.

 And you feel happiness because in their eyes is YOU, their love nurtures YOU and you deserve each and every bit of this experience!

That joy comes from your Self, but the programming of the society teaches us to expect Love and Joy from something external.

  That's why many people are left sad and unfulfilled in their lives.

Cause they constantly wait for something external to fulfill their emotions and therefore made them complete.

 >> The Ramanti – Twin Flame meditation tool <<

And the purpose of the TF Union is this.

Healing of old patterns of programming that keep leading us to escapism, abandonment, rejection and more and more pain.

Does that healing come with a price?


You need to let go of all of your previous desires.

  But all these desires that were holding inside attachment and controlling and all these rotten expectations.

You are now in the surrendering stage.

You let her go, you blessed her but you don't expect anything anymore.

Now is the time to return Home. Back to who you truly are.

A miraculous creation of the Universe with so much power in your hands.

Now is the time to recognize your own uniqueness and head back to your mission.

Stronger than ever, perhaps with a melodic sadness ringing in your ears as they are always in your mind. ALWAYS.

  Hey, my TF.


Thanks for the lesson thanks for the craziest experience, thanks for the shock.

Cause it made me see. See within me and fix me. Because of you, I became the person I am today.

Stronger, wiser, more in touch with my true Essence.

hank you for your love, thanks for everything.

I love YOU, I love mySelf, I love and accept all that is.


#my22  #my33

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis

(...that was our song since the beginning. The Universe delivered the right songs at the right moments always when I was with her. Magic for real.)


Twin Flame Meditation