Looking Back To A Twin Flame Connection

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager 

I look back and now I am wondering "what the actual f#$% happened and why I did this to myself?"
 The strength of the dynamics at that time plus the delusion which occurs due to the the Karmic magnetism and the intense energies of the "Honeymoon Effect", they make this bond almost unbreakable, so passionate, dreamy, while at the real life is just a toxic, dysfunctional relationship full of red flags since the beginning. Even though it might be a part of a bigger plan, that stage is simply not what we really want.

But we tend to ignore everything. As this person is the one we always wanted, this person makes us so happy, so complete, like nothing else ever did. They complete us in ways we can't express and all these emotions, feelings and experiences make this bond so difficult to break.

But now I look back. 3 years since I met her, 3 crazy years full of lessons, revelations and expansion of unthinkable proportions. But also an experience which killed romance within me and turned falling in love a traumatic experience which includes great danger.

Yeah it has lessons and it can help you expand greatly but I will not sugarcoat to you anything, and I will talk how all of you feel but you don't have the means or the platform to express your self. This relationship leaves wounds like no other. But simply because we allowed it. There is noone to blame but our own selves.

Your Twin is a trigger, a catalyst for your own ascension towards higher levels of consciousness. Nothing else. Its a path, a journey which leads to your final reincarnation, where you will probably be with them in a deeply spiritual sex-free relationship, something that not many of you will be interested into.

I look back and I see how she was her self without hiding anything but I was the one who couldn't see the whole picture. And she was repeating it from the beginning. "This is different, this is for unconditional love. This is not a relationship..."

But we were madly in love. A love which was so bright but its fire burned it down too fast.

If someone at that time told me "she is not going to be in your life" I wouldn't believe it not even in a million years.
The syncs were so many, the signs almost every other second, it was crazy. We knew that was something going on there.

Yes. A Dark alchemical process needed in order for us to get rid of our own Dark Empathy.
Our need to heal everyone as we are deeply wounded.
Our inability to see the darkness as we always believe in fairy-tales and unicorns.
 Our crazy delusions which hold us attached to toxic and unneeded relationships and patterns of behavior.

You can't imagine how much I loved her, how many emotions I was feeling and how difficult for me was to finally let her go and see the Truth and the Light after that. But I guess it wouldn't matter if it was easy and casual.

I know you might be in a similar situation and it doesn't make sense.
Why God, the Universe did that to us again?
Why shall I let go the one I loved the most?
Why all these signs and synchronicities?
Why all those dynamics, telepathy, connection, when there is a dead line?
Why shall I let this connection die after all that effort I put in?

Yeah, you are right. It doesn't make sense. Other than all these lessons, the person across and the relationship itself it doesn't make sense. But behind this connection lies something really big.

A journey which began millions of years ago, a journey of expansion through reincarnations, experiences and upgrade in our consciousness levels. And they are there all these lifetimes, helping you to help them... We are all in this game to save ourselves.

From our vulnerabilities, our fears, our programming, our belief systems.

The trap here is that all those emotions and dynamics which keeps us so attached and blind are being projected by your own belief system and unconscious mind which makes assumptions based on expectations, false moral structure, inability to raise safe boundaries so on and so on.
Because you simply think with the old mindset of how relationships should be and then you see this connection as such.

So if you are in this right now and you feel all these strong energies and you are totally attached, be patient and listen.
Listen to YOU. Your heart is yours and it has a message for you. For you to come back home. To YOU.

And remember. Twin Flames are real but not something your mind can comprehend.
 And it has more stages that is advertised out there. And do you want to get out? You can't. You can simply recognize their solid purpose and let them go once and for all. While blessing them and not judging or blaming them.

I am Alex and this is my message to you. I am a genuine 33, moving ahead along with all of you.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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