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Terms and Conditions

Personal Coaching Terms (Single Session and Annual)

Our VIP services are meant for people who are experienced with life coaching or they are one hundred percent willing to undergo any of our tasks in order to achieve their goals. The sessions can be demanding and sometimes overwhelming as they target people with big goals, people who seek physical and mental health at any cost, as we developed and we deliver really effective sessions that might contradict your current mindset and belief system.
The client must be open to new information, free from any fanatic religious or social conditioning and willing to deliver demanding taks that will help both the client and our team to achieve our goals faster and in a reliable way.

The coach and the team has the right to use any possible way in order to shift the clients mindset and therefore push them into their desired goals (excluding physical harm). The sessions are delivered in English and in Greek language mostly, and they are delivered in person or via Skype (excluding Team member where you need to be in person).

The coach and the Team has the absolute right to cancel any session -single or annual- if any of those reasons are met:
1) If you don't follow the tasks given by the coach or the team for the period of 4 weeks+ (with the exception only in cases of medical conditions and after you submit a certificate by your doctor)
2) In case you insult, hurt physically or threat any of the coaches or the Team members.
3) In case you reveal to other people data and information that the coach or the Team members told you to keep secret.

In any of those cases we have the right to withold all the amount that was prepayed.

Personal Data And Information.

We keep all of your personal data and information safe and away from online and digital means to avoid any possible "leak" and exposure from hackers or anyone else.
We also demand that our personal conversations and sessions to be kept in total privacy as they concern only you and nobody else. This also increases the effectiveness of your primary goals and objectives.

Medical Conditions Terms.

You must always seek your personal doctors advice and inform us for any medical condition you might have prior the sessions. The coaches and the Team members hold no responcibility for any accident might occur during the sessions and you are always adviced to be prepared according to our guidelines prior the sessions.

Payment And Refunds Terms.

We only accept payments prior and not after the sessions via Cash, Bank Order or Paypal (for payments under 10.000 Euro) and for the annual coaching sessions you must always contact us from before, in order to arrange a Bank transfer or Cash payment.
Once you make the payment the coaches and the Team will contact you in less than 48hours to arrange the date, time and place. On the annual sessions we agree from before if you are eligible for the sessions and once we agree and you proceed with the payment, we can't refund the total amount or parts of it.
We refund the whole amount (single sessions) in case we can't deliver the session for any reason up to 4 weeks. Until then we have the right to withold the full amount for any reason or soever.
In case you payed for the annual program, the coaches and the team have the right to remain inactive for up to two months in case of medical conditions or any other reason that might limit their ability to deliver the sessions. In such cases we will try to replace the coach or the Team member with one of our global crew or give you any amount of time was lost in upcoming sessions, expanding the overall delivery period.
We also have the right in case you go against our rules mentionted in the Personal Coaching Terms, to withold all the amount.