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The One Who Stayed Behind -
The Separation Phase of Twin Flames

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach & Project Manager

Ok. Here we are again. It been months and still the same. An indescribable love with a horrible ending, a meaningless separation.

A silence that kills you slowly while you think you are becoming stronger.

The one that loved you so much, the one that promised so much magic to your dream left you with no reason.

The one you shared the most magical moments of your life, the one you gave your whole being, chooses to stay away, chooses fear and hate instead of love, instead of overcoming the self-imposed limitations, these old decayed beliefs, these stupid assumptions that destroy the immersive power of the Twin Flame relationship.

And it makes you wonder?

Is this Divine at the end?

Or a heartless cruel nonsensical process of the Universe that is supposed to bring us back to our purpose?

Ok, you did it! I am back now. Back in my purpose.

Offering my love to the world from the wounds that are bleeding endlessly after years and years of immersive pain and endless processes only few can handle.

A dead man smiling and giving love and meaning while there is no meaning left in his own life.

No emotions, no dreams left, no hope just numbness.

And all the hopeful words you were repeating to yourself at the end of the day just echoing in your mind with no sense as you are staring at the unknown with those empty eyes, those eyes that used to tell you so much.

Yes you.

You who left with my heart in your hands, you who I trusted so much. You left and took my smile, my laughter and YES I am a human too and YES I feel emotions or at least I could. YES I love your hug, YES I love running with you and acting stupid, YES I am a human and YES I deserve love. Love in all of its forms, romantic, unconditional, exciting, thrilling, yes I deserve so many beautiful moments!

Enough with this kind of relationships that are hiding behind issues, fears and anything else other that. Yes they might have a spiritual basis as they help us see some things but at the end of the day LOVE is freaking awesome, needs a lot of ego removal and compromises but it can be there, it can be alive, it can hold your hand, it's magical.

If you can't handle magic just make yourself your favor and remove your presence from the lives of the ones that have the courage to change themselves and pursue the magic of love and let them dream and manifest the TRUE love they deserve. If you are afraid of love, if you are afraid of the one that brought the Light in your life then you have to start wondering what's truly wrong and start redirecting the egoic fear induced thoughts to a harmonious soul loving pattern and conquer this game.

Don't hurt your precious TF with your assumptions and fears!

Give Love, Be Love, Be God.

Hold on my dear ones. Don't allow any fear and any process to take your dreams away. You deserve so much more and YES you can have it all. Go claim your ability to dream to believe in hope, and start manifesting the life you always wanted to experience. A life full of hugs, love, dance, laughter, and joy. A life full of wonder. A life WORTH living! Vamos!

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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