The Truth Behind the Runner / Chaser
Stage In Twin Flames

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

For one more time, I come to you from the real perspective of things.
From a point of view which is going to open your eyes and lead you for the first time probably, to peace, bliss, and serenity.
Something which might now your soul seeks with such immensity.
So stay with me.

First of all the dynamic as an energy is real and it has an explanation.
Both as a lesson and also as a current of energy exchange and reaction.

We have someone obviously who is running away from the connection/relationship. Which you can justify on a variety of reasons such as:

-Escapism / Avoidance

-Fear of connecting / Fear of getting hurt

-Fear of inadequacy / Fear of not being good enough

-They used you, they did their own thing and once you got weak in a psychosomatic or a financial level, they are going away just to come back when they want sex, someone to burst upon their balance with their issues, when they look someone to blame or hurt.

-They also run to play their double game behind your back with their ex or sometimes.... your ex.

-They are Narcs, just realize it.

You see the main problem with all these Twin Flame stories and paradigms over the Internet begin with the "bubble phase", falling in intense, out of this world love. Which is accompanied by a bunch of crazy synchronicities which make the whole scenario somehow "holy".


That's why.

All these synchronicities are signs of the Universe of the changes you need to apply within your psyche in order to change the outcome of your Reality! To save you from that Narc you got in trouble the first place, take this stepping stone and move ahead!

People go to pages which obviously have no clue about Matrix Schematics, Fractal Interconnecting Loop Patterns and so on and they state number sequences like 333 - 444 - 777 some extra terrestrial angelic power will come to save you and warns you but also tells you at the same time that they take care of you. In a way, this could be correct, but it removes your authority, power and also the responsibility. And also you do nothing but wait. And the outcome is utter and complete stagnation.

OK. Let's get things straight.

First of all, everything exists within you. Angelic powers are nothing but part of your psyche projected outwards in the form of characteristics of our own psyche and intellect. Patience, hope, power, courage, healing abilities, telepathy, empathy, and so on. Also as you might have guessed right that at the opposite side we have fears (in general), hate, anger, impatience, doubt, false assumptions and all those crap.

YES. As above so below.

This is who you are. A megastructure, a universe in a "mini" version! Microcosm - Macrocosm. Everything lives within and without at the same time. But is your level of perception which is going to determine how consciously you drive around your life and not driven by passion or different other "demons".

You get it now right?

So the Universe is trying to save you from your self too! As you are unconsciously or consciously projecting energies into your Reality which translates to unwanted events and circumstances. You are not a Saint in this game. If you are the chaser you hold a big part of this responsibility too. Responsibility and accountability of our thoughts, deeds, and actions are of high significance to this journey of yours.

Because if you keep chasing someone who doesn't give a goda*n f*ck about you, someone who abused you, fooled you, lied to you, someone who used their charm to drag you in just to destroy every beautiful dream you had, then guess what.

They will keep returning back just to do more and more of what you don't like, with the hope that one day you will come to the realization that lack of proper knowledge and self-respect led to this situation.

Also, you will realize that the Universe and Life are merely a mechanism which functions upon our deepest truest desires which are backed up with proper will and belief. Also, is based upon energy. So your deepest unconscious fears can manifest too, just for you to become aware of what you are doing wrong, change it and manifest the reality you REALLY want!

The universe is Love. BUT you need to know how to Love properly without faults first in order for it to function as YOU would like it to be.

But as long you repeat circles of self-abuse cause of nonsensical explanations you gave to your story based on your fears and the lack of self-worthiness, the Universe will act as you act. Remember? As within, so without.

So you can stop this whole scenario by realizing that your Twin acts as a mirror but also as a lesson for you to learn to raise safe boundaries.
 And if your Twin didn't have all the immense attraction and longing HOW ON THE EARTH would you grow and learn your lessons?

Imagine having this scenario with someone you had no connection. You wouldn't even bother going after them, not even thinking about it probably.
 So you would never learn how to properly love and protect your self.

You don't have to bother also that you will not find someone else. You will find, believe me.
This whole Twin Flame story is Divine only because of its design to lift you off your Earthly programming in a fast, violent, and highly effective way.

What follows is your duty to show Love to your Self AND towards your Twin, by not revenging, attacking, reflecting anything hurtful against them. Also by setting them Free. Lol, that actually sounds funny because we said it so many times, we read it so many articles but we forgot to realize that we are setting US free!

Are you still running? After this article, you have full responsibility of what you are manifesting in your life.
 Are you running from your duties and responsibilities? Are you running after abusive people? Are you running after anything other than your dreams?

So guess what. Everyone and everything is going to run away from you. Your dreams, your loved ones, your financial stability. Everything.

IS A LAW. Everything breathes and exists under the endless counteractions of the Laws Of the Universe.
Take responsibility for your well-being by accepting your faults and then fix these wounds and faults in your perception, so you can enjoy the Life you really deserve.

I am Alex and this is my message to you. I am a genuine 33, moving ahead along with all of you.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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