The 3 Biggest Red Flags Of The Twin Flame Stories

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

A Real Twin Flame connection is a really intelligent game of energies but is also a huge Ego trap which can lead to years of endless circles of dysfunctional and incomplete relationships, due to wrong expectations based on the old Self's paradigm.

  It goes through stages but NOT all the stages happen in one lifetime!
 Also people expect forever for some Union, having their focus only on their Twin and their absence and not on their purpose in Life.
And so many other wrong things which make a Lightworker completely useless when these energies are not transformed properly, elevating them eventually to higher levels of consciousness.

So what is out there that every Empath and Lightworker must notice in their relationship prior to stay in the Path of Light and protect himself from Shadow workers, energy vampires and all sorts of dark processes and effects?

- Marriage & Loyalty:

Many of the people out there who are relating themselves with Twin Flame theories and all sorts of false teachings that are out there, are into marriages, relationships either functional or dysfunctional when they meet their "TF". And I ask you now. Before you start excusing yourself with anything it comes down to your mind, why you were in that broken relationship from the first place? Why when we find someone else we are easily replacing anyone not so perfect with the new one? Why don't we go away from that relationship before we meet someone else for the sake of our own personal sanity and well being?

But connections such these who resemble Twin Flame characteristics come to our lives to shake us and transform us, to expose our vulnerabilities, our spiritual and moral "weaknesses" in order to fix our selves and ascend even higher, leading the people to the New Era. They don't come to divorce us or break us up from our previous connections. They come to test our loyalty and honor or .... the opposite.

- The Runner Stage:

If we see this stage from the point of view of energies and their dynamics, then is a clear indication of mismatch and counter productive energies that simply don't work out well together. BUT from my personal point of view the chaser - runner stage is simply a stage which happens in Narcissistic relationships where is called the "Silent Treatment". People must understand though, IF you already attracted such a connection, then Narcissistic characteristics are in your psyche too!

You might not recognize those attributes within you at that point, but when you close the connection and start your own inner journey, you will start recognizing your own "manifestation" points, which occur through your various psyche characteristics that need to be re-examined and you will (hopefully!) start fixing and adjusting them.

And then again I will ask you. If you really love someone will you ever go away, and suddenly act like you don't know them, like they never existed before? Will you be able to feel your loved one suffering so deep and do nothing?

So guess what. These people are only there to help us re-evaluate who we allow to intrude into our lives, reminding us that we give the keys to our happiness to others, leaving us behind with nothing when they leave.

Again this stage can be something that many people might go through and its simply a stage where we must find what we are doing wrong based on our perceptions, belief systems and actions. Also is a stage that works as a tool for Ascension but not to be romanticized as a stage of lovers who are healing in order to be together!!!

The healing is for YOU, but you never learned how to properly love and protect your self in order to do it on your own. But the universe used our own vulnerabilities in order to hook us in and eventually help us heal and progress in this "consciousness growth game". Otherwise we wouldn't bother to do it on our own. Don't you think?

- The "Self Worth Game":

From the scratch these connections scream "trap" all over the place. Minor or big signs are there. But you always sugarcoat it, try to excuse it and then you read all these articles that have nothing to do with reality and you believe that you must stay there, while the one who abandoned you heals etc etc.

Everyone tells you how to divorce in order to be with your Twin, how to stay in that toxic relationship waiting for Unions and reUnions while you are being ripped apart like a complete piece of s#$! And you follow it cause your worthiness levels have reached the bottom.

You sell out your dreams for cheap because you found someone exciting that has 3 good attributes and a million warning signs behind them. But we tend to ignore all these signs, we keep forgiving their attitude and actions just because we don't believe that love can exist in our reality completely and as we dreamed it.

Do you think the Universe or God simply wants to punish you and hurt you via those incidents and connections?
NOP. You live inside a huge mechanism which works upon the imprints of your subconscious mind and your deepest hidden desires.

But for these wishes to manifest you must align with them at the first place. And how you can be aligned when you are full of self worth issues and old traumas that are still projecting all these victimized situations? So, the Universe "slaps" you all around for you to wake up to your Higher Truth.

So go back into silence my dearest one. Go back to your purpose in Life and always question the moral structure and approach on everything. As the traps of Ego and its Shadows are all over, ready to consume Light and feast on its positive vibes.

I am Alex and this is my message to you. I am a genuine 33, moving ahead along with all of you.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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