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The New Dawn For Twin Flames Is Now - Are You Ready?

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager 


This is the new Dawn for all the True Twin Flames out there.

The Unveiling of the Dark Side with its traps of deception has finally come to an end. All those Twin Flames who ended up in groups searching why their Light was shadowed by their "loved ones" came to realize the lesson and claimed back their honor, dignity and their lost respect, some even years and years of self-abuse, which happened in all the possible and imaginable ways.

Many True Twin Flames had Karmic or Narcissistic relationships that had all these characteristics that the articles and all the forums in the net were talking about. That was also the final trap for them. As all these labels and articles that were using the "good" dynamics to create a bond with the victim made it almost impossible to break free from these repeating patterns.

But I had a different view...

All these repeating patterns in my own knowledge and experience were lessons that we missed somehow and they HAD to end in order for us to move on.

Karmic circles...

What about all these syncs, all these signs that were out of this world? Well here is the trouble.

The Universe according to the old scriptures and the dynamics of the law of Cause and Effect, in order to deliver lessons and push us further to development, creates all sorts of synchronistic events and scenarios and in moments like these, (here is the absurd part) the hierarchies of angels and lower spirits which are able to help us are in a way not allowed, cause the Karma of our actions and deeds, must be paid off.

So this whole concept made it so difficult to recognize the False Twins (FT's are the same as Karmic partners) and no matter the intensity of evil and discord we couldn't get out of it.

But then again they served a Divine purpose. They were a test for us to learn to raise safe boundaries, to learn how to remain on our original beliefs and desires and not to water down or sell cheap our dreams. They came to teach us how to love someone who cared nothing at all. They came to wake us to our Higher Selves to our Warrior Selves.


This is the time were the True Twin Flames claim their true essence. The Real Ones who are not forcing others to diverse their mothers or fathers of their children. Those who prefer to be alone in their dignity, serving others, living their mission, running after no one or anything.


The ones who lead the example. Rare ones. True Flames. They are their own Twin Flame. Complete.

Real Wizards, Real Witches. Manipulators of Nature and Warriors of Lights send here for a Divine Mission.

We can't be trapped anymore. The show for the Shadows is over...

We are claiming back not only OUR dignity but the dignity and honor of all the Beings of Mother Earth with all means necessary.

And all of those outside who wonder why don't we seek again for some other Twin Flame or special one. To all those people out there who are trapped in the lower mind of neediness and desires.

We are NOT the normal kind you see. True Twin Flames came here to break the old paradigm of love and bring the NEW DAWN with the example of unconditional, with no attachments, true, genuine, authentic Love!

We Love our Higher Selves. We are Complete.

And if from that False Twin Flame one day comes light, let it be. But don't stand there waiting for it to happen. Move! Move ahead and follow your mission.

We are different you see. So different that we can't fit in your perception. There is no room for us to be contained in the minds of Earthlings.

We are Starseeds on a mission. Beings of a higher intellectual level of perception and awareness.

And our lesson was strong and loud.

Allow no one or anything to mess with your respect, emotions, dignity for no reason or so ever.

We allowed it somehow because when we kept feeling all this negativity and "wrong" signs, we kept forgetting and forgiving. But at the end, we forgot our selves. For someone who didn't care at all.

But this is the New Dawn!

Your Real Twin Flame is not what you had so far.

Your Real Twin Flame is your Real You.

But look! Your False Twin Flame led you to find your real self with all these b*tchslaps and roller coaster rides, with all that abandonment.

You showed your royalty to them while they were betraying you. You did the best this time with everything you knew so you won't lose them. But in vain...

Just to lead you eventually to the discovery of the Warrior within you! So you can return to your power again.

And now because you claimed your self back, you become complete again.

And when you are complete you will attract someone who is complete too!

Not like the previous times you attracted all these wounded people with all those issues. No more!

This is when the true magic begins. When you don't need something as you feel you have it already then it comes effortlessly. So in a way you don't NEED someone anymore, so your neediness will not be reflected back at you. In a way you are free...


Free of desires, neediness, deception, distractions, worries. Free from anyone Toxic and Evil.

Free to Go Back to your Mission.

With the Real You this Time. With your Real Twin Flame. Not someone who runs, not someone who mistreats or disrespects, not someone who betrays with such ease. But someone like you.
Complete. Royal.
Loyal. Moral.
Ethical. Beautiful. Majestic. Rare.

(Do you feel that a Real Twin Flame is truly magical or someone who is not there for us? Are you ready to let go of the old and welcome the new? Comment below! )

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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