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Why & How Twin Flames
Love Each Other So Much

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

There is not such a thing as falling in Love with your Twin Flame. It's simply just way beyond that.
Words will be insufficient to cover up the immense power and the unbreakable bond of Real Twin Flames.

Yeah, you might come to hate your Twin (or at least try) for leaving you, for treating you like a piece of sh*t, for doing all these crazy things to you, but at the end of the day you simply can't do anything but love them even more and deeper.

At the beginning is intense human "I fell in love" sensation which after the heartaches and sufferings turn slowly but steadily to unconditional love, something you are not prepared to experience as there is no expectation for this kind of "I share my Love" with everyone and anything. You want your Twin so badly and all yours, and that's ok. It's totally normal to feel that BUT for your Twin that's none of their business.

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Their job is to only give you a shock deep within your perception and psyche in order for you to transcend the real limitations of love, and if you think you know how to love then you just met your trigger partner!

Don't expect the ride to be easy. This is something meant to change you in ways unimaginable to anyone, it's not a toy, it's not an experience for newbies or first timers. This is an alchemical process meant to awaken the most powerful aspects of one's psyche like nothing else.

The intense Love of Twin Flames comes after hardships only few can go through, tests that are designed to make anyone just leave and abandon this relationship forever.

But True Twin Flames they never give up. Deep down their souls, there is a longing for their Twin but at the same time a repulsion, a push and pull dynamic which makes things more confusing.

What brings ease in their souls is the awareness of the "real" version of their Twin, not the 3D full of psychological issues and mechanisms version of them. There is a recognition which can't change no matter what, a love which has no match, a love which intrudes to the 99% of your world that you are hiding from the rest of the people around you.

I still remember her words...

"You are different. For the first time, someone managed to enter to my 99%. And that scares me..."

So it was for me. I was always hiding almost all of my self and the beauty of my inner world. That's what 99% is. Our own inner secret, sacred and precious world. And she was the only one who saw it and everything in it. As I did with her too...

That immense power of love scares anyone though. Even the strongest.
That's the first reason Twin Flames start running. They feel incapable of loving or being loved, they feel that they will never be able to sufficiently love and protect their other half, and all the rest that goes with the loss of self-esteem.

Also, the Twin reflects any fears of abandonment, attachment issues and anything you might have rooted deep within your psyche.
So while all that love unfolds it CAN'T meet any obstacles so all of your fears will come out, some will manifest too though, as the manifestation energy amplifies rapidly with the presence of your Twin Flame, and all of this happens for your own sake at the end of the day.

Because HOW the hell do you think you are going to love the most important person in your life when everything in your field of perception and vibration screams "abandon me!!" ??

If you are about to live the rarest, amazing and dreamy relationship, then the Universe (You - in - a - verse) will make sure ( Through YOU - Your Twin Flame) that nothing will stand in front of you and your loved one, no issues, no old habitual patterns, no old paradigms, nothing.

So if you are going through hardships don't start whining or blaming your Twin. Instead go within and start facing your deepest fears, fight your agony and sense of rejection with the bliss of forgiveness and the recognition of your own fears and issues. This is not a game of blaming and accusing others and their actions cause your Twin will do ALL of those things you are judging or disagree with, for you NOT to judge anymore in order to stop manifesting such scenarios and people in your life!!

You see they don't hate you. Your Twin loves you more than anything else. Most of the times they will do things out of their fear of losing you, out of their fear that will never be able to meet your expectations.

The trick is to always look within, don't observe their actions. And when they finish "testing" you, they will go through their own path. Until they finish "upgrading", your Love is going to grow stronger cause the waiting part of the Twin Flames is not powerful enough to diminish the True Love which resides within you for them. And at that timeline, all of your attachments, worries, jealousy, anything that distorts love will subside, will lose its power over your own fight and insist on loving your Twin Flame no matter what, under any conditions or so ever.

That's the path of true unconditional love. Enduring everything, loving and forgiving them, but at the same time keep a great respect for your precious self.

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Nothing is lost in the Twin Flame game. Even if they leave, even if they stay, you recognize that this journey turned your world upside down and now all of these things you desired to feel happy are absent but you are more balanced and complete than ever before. You are not longing anymore. You don't "crave" for anyone or anything anymore. You are living in the moment.



A Warrior Of Love.

Do you want to protect this rare relationship and transcend to a higher level of Consciousness and Love?
Nurture Your Self. Abandon Your Undeveloped Ego.
 Be Humble but at the same time Proud for who you are.
Find the Balance. Live in the Moment. Let Go.

Your Twin is always with you. Don't search them. Feel them.
They are somewhere near your heart, Inside your 99%.
Cherish them. Bless them. Set them free.

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by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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