My Message To All The LightWorkers,
TwinFlames & Starseeds Of The World

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager 

Well, here I am again, talking to you directly. Yes, you, the one who came here into this precious Life for so many reasons you currently didn't realize yet. Like the Eight of Swords in the Tarot you are simply blindfolding your self, avoiding your responsibilities but as also the blessings that are on their way or hidden behind scenarios that you are currently not aware.

So instead of recognizing the repeating signs of the Universe with all of those unwanted emotions, constant synchronicities, instead of returning to your primordial essence, you keep wandering in the Paths of Ego. Which they lead nowhere else than even deeper into illusion and self destructive patterns when you don't control and direct it.

Lower mind you see. Flesh. Passions. Vulnerabilities. Insecurities. Nothing to do with the "Lightworker" scheme you are trying to reembody here into this reincarnation into this reality. And you constantly avoid your real duties and "must do's" and you know it actually!

That's the real reason behind stories like Twin Flames, abusive Karmic experiences, "bad luck", financial difficulties, generally anything that is not completely balanced or "wanted".

And if you didn't realize this yet I will explain it further.

Supposedly you are a Warrior of Light, Lightworker, Starseed, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lemurian, or whatever else you baptized your self, after your feelings of uniqueness which come literally NOT because you are a special kind of extraterrestrial but because you are more connected to the Source in a way only because you came here for a mission...

A mission to raise the consciousness of this planet. A final attempt to save this planet from all that damage which is done by the irresponsibility and the ignorance of the many, which few found a futile ground to plant their programming of mass consumption and even more programming to direct your awareness away from everything that is truly important.

Things like Morality. Purpose. True Love.

And here I am. Staring at all these "Lightworkers" and "Twin Flames" behind their mobile phone screens, being abused by Shadows and Dark Workers, while they seek and focus on some kind of Union of romance and pink unicorns. And others are using these vulnerabilities and put ever more fuel and hope to them spreading false teachings, while at the same time show off their highly arrogant and ignorant self. And others lead millions to "Light" and "Angelic" New Age philosophies and then decide that it wasn't their thing at all. ARE YOU F@!#$% KIDDING ME?

Are you a Warrior who came to change this world? Did you realize that the Shadow War of distracting everyone's attention while they rip apart the whole planet is working quite well? And you seek circles of self abuse and disrespect? What is wrong with you?

You are all day long behind your phone waiting for that special One to call, waiting for the One to return again and again, doing nothing but wasting your time, energy, and above all, your dignity.

If you are a genuine Lightworker and if Shadows did it AGAIN to you, then chill and listen.

This is a game for you to realize the immensity of your inner powers and their responsibility. It is a higher game of controlling our thoughts, focus, and emotions and shows no mercy at all.

You came here to learn how to manifest through your magnificent power of thought and emotions but instead of healing your self after all those Narc attacks and claim your power, you simply keep focusing on them and whatever brings turmoil... *Sigh

And all these animals and people out there need someone REAL to help and support them, NOT a Facebook post or a social media argument. Can you realize the importance of YOU taking real action? YES YOU! Because each one of us is unique and together we are ONE again! You are unique and please go honor the identity you are giving your self. The True Arcturians, the Real Pleiadians mostly don't hang out here, but if you are one who is trapped due to whatever reasons then this is for you.

And listen carefully as this is about YOUR life.

If you want to have the good things in life and genuine authentic beautiful relationships, just go back to your mission but first do this.

Look around you. If you are experiencing something you don't like or it wasn't a part of your dream STOP sugarcoating it at last! If it hurts, it hurts because your Higher Self wants you to listen and stop f%^&#@ up your self.
Going back to your mission it doesn't imply that you are going to be a monk away from the pleasures of life.
But everything comes and must remain in balance,

So hear me and spread this message.
We lost valuable time. We need to take action.
We have to claim our power back. Our selves. Our lost dignity.
Stop wasting your time. Focus on helping and healing others.
Because this is the only way your are going to heal your self and Mother Nature.

I am Alex and this is my message to you. I am a genuine 33, moving ahead along with all of you.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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