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The 3 Most Important Reasons
To Let Go Of The One You Call Twin Flame

By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

Sometimes the ones who we are calling "Twin Flames", take that label due to the nature of extreme dynamics, synchronizations, love, and the very addictive effect of Stockholm syndrome which is the main weapon of a Narcissist.

You see, Narcissists at first are fascinated by the extreme power of vigor and royalty of the Empath but soon enough they realize that are not going to meet the Empath's expectations so they deploy the game, At first the imitate and copy everything and we are falling in love with us-them and then the power struggle begins as they manipulate everything in order to experience their drama as it pleasures them by creating confusion until the Empath is vulnerable and weak. Then they use this to abandon the victim completely as the Empath becomes useless for them.

Most of the so called Twin Flame relationships out there, might carry lessons and a divine mission and vibe but that's not just honey and laughs. They have a dark Narcissistic nature which is crucial to be recognized and avoided by any cost. Also a good thing is to recognize that a label like Twin Flame is creating unnecessary "bonds" and attachment issues, which it might make it more difficult for you to escape from this relationship.

Here are 3 reasons to completely avoid the one you labelled your Twin Flame and move on with your life:

1)They keep hurting you in every way.

Most of these relationships out there have an abusive character with dynamics such as runner and chaser, push and pull, but also a lot of confusion and turmoil. This behavior it will not change as this is their main function, to project their insecurities through acting in "defensive aggressive" mode to protect their Ego's integrity. Their attacks vary and their avoidance is out of this world.

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This will create even more hassle within your psyche and if you know anything about the Law of Attraction, then you must realize that all this anger, all that pain, all this confusion, will be reflected back to your reality and it will create more unwanted scenarios and circumstances.

Life is a game and it will show no emotions towards you, mastering and protecting your energy and your life is within your own power and priorities.

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2)There is never communication.

And if there is, is always about them and nothing else. They will never care about you and they do it only when they fancy them. Is a one side game and it's not changing no matter what. Glimpses of love and appreciation just to keep you trapped around them will be present as also some signs of the "need" to find a way to communicate,

Also when you say something to them perhaps they will forget it immediately or distort it and use it against you. They keep influencing every world you said to their own choice and likings.

You need to communicate, especially with your loved ones and those close to you. Closing your throat chakra can lead to major problems when you are not expressing your self and your emotions. You need noone in your life who is simply there to project their own issues, fears and insecurities upon you.

3)Is the greatest disrespect to you and your life.

If you are allowing anyone who is simply turning anything against you while they fool you and play with your morality, your sanity and emotions like nothing else, then you must reconsider what you really want from your life.

I remember my first mistake when I send her a goodmorning and her first reaction was "I am not sending goodmornings neither goodnights to anyone, I am not used to that". First sign of someone unable to love or be loved and my first "empathy" mistake. I was always like "let's forget this, let's forgive that, love will win at then end" and all these kind on nonsense. Of course nothing of all of this worked at the end.

I literally sacrificed anything in ways I couldn't believe I could before just for someone who never gave a single f#%& about me. And that is not their mistake. It's in our own hands just to say "hey f#$% out of my life" but we keep forgiving and forgetting.... US. Yes us not anyone else.

You see self victimization traps that can be deployed by Narcissists, can trigger guilt traps within the psyche so we keep forgiving inexcusable behaviors damaging further our selves and our sanity.

They make you believe to some kind of returning and all those articles out there talking for imaginary Unions with someone who abused us and abandoned us in ways noone ever thought possible and mamjo jambo promises for Divine 5D Unicorn Jedi's and all sorts of philosophies.

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The real issue lies down to the reality of such abusive relationships who unfortunately ended up having a term such as Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates and all sorts of "Hey I found the One" hopeless scenarios. This kind of tagging a relationship makes things way more difficult when we need to get away and save our ass*s. Even if it's a Real Twin Flame as long as we had our lesson there is nothing else we can do other than move on.

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Make yourself a favor, seek for treatment and healing and move on with your life away from such Toxic people and seek noone other than you. You are holding the key to your happiness.

What is your personal toxic experience and how did it affect your life so far?

Let me know in the comment section below.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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