Why Your Karmic Twin Flame Is
The Best Thing That Happened To You

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

I wrote so many articles about the actual dynamics of Twin Flames from a personal experience, a journey which transformed me like nothing else.


When I went through the stages, I was "lucky" enough to be equipped with precious knowledge and a previous "hardcore" background with not such an easy life which made me stronger and of-course a loner, hidden behind enormous walls. Defence mechanisms you see. So I wasn't lucky at all at the end of the day.

You know why?

Twin Flames as we experienced it in many relationships worldwide so far (not everyone though) are nothing to do with soft and kind and caring towards your emotions.

They are here to expose our weaknesses and vulnerabilities with their actions and to guide us too with channeling and random "out of the blue" advice which at that time will probably make no sense at all but later on will be proven significantly important and valuable.

All these dynamics also represent the non-matching frequencies and the Universe trying to protect you pushes the away, but when you relax and let go, suddenly the Twin appears due to non-resistance BUT with a slight trick this time.

The reason they return is due to 2 mechanisms. Your secret unconscious and sometimes conscious desire to meet them again and also due to a mechanism called "echo response".

The Universe in order to help us progress in life and eventually get what we want keeps sending us the same people, repeating the same patterns, until WE are not connecting in any way with that situation or person as we realized for whatever reason that is not desirable in our own reality.

So, they come to teach you how to love authentically with their own way, which is the Narcissists way. Or the Empaths way if you are currently on the other part.

You see what many people didn't get out there that Twin Flames are One and the same, LITERALLY.


Two Parts of One same Divine Vehicle. But in this Duality, Evil exists too. Not to run away from that neither to attach on it too. But to learn through its presence and lessons, grow, expand and MOVE ON!

Even though many Twins out there know that this relationship is not romantic and it's a hardcore experience designed only for few, they keep repeating these abusive circles, hurting themselves more and more and also with the expectation of some physical Union.

YES. I would also love the idea for that IF everything was like the beginning, but even that, now with all the proper knowledge and the redirection of my own perception, it's a completely different story.

Cause simply because wholeheartedly I believe that this person is your Real Twin Flame. The one who will prepare you to truly Love and Appreciate YOURSELF. Cause with all these wounds you were carrying, you attracted a Narcissist, your own wounded dark side. Your other real half...

You see, you shouldn't hate them, neither be attached to them OR anyone else for so reason or so ever.

You have to realize that you deserve way more than you allowed so far to manifest in your life.

But even when that One appeared in your life, to give you a glimpse of the heaven just to attract you inside their own Hell, you are coming to an understanding that at the end of the day their presence was the biggest blessing.

They prepared a really clean space in your heart, they taught you how to protect your self by raising safe boundaries, they led you to the "Dark Night Of The Soul" to wake you up from your Egoic blindness and to remind you that you are too precious to keep allowing people like this keep messing up with you (it's not your Twin Flame only but the TF's are demonstrating everything with their actions and words).

So Bless the One who came for the lesson and makes space for the one who is gonna stand by your side.

A Queen you Are. A King.

Everyone Is.

Respect everyone and everything but keep in mind your self first.
Along with your thoughts, words, and actions.

As for me? I 've been so many times in Hell to recognize Shadows from miles away but you know what happens sometimes?
 You fall in Love with your own Shadows. Cause they remind you of you.

But if you find the way out, nothing remains from your old Self.
Something different is born. Someone really different...

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


Twin Flame Meditation