4 Ways to Overcome the Twin Flame Energy Dynamics

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach & Project Manager

 If you are already in a Twin Flame relationship or even Karmic and the "show" has begun, then you will know what "TF energy dynamics" are for real!

  The push-pull dynamic where you feel the extreme longing for your Twin Flame while they run away, reflecting your own need to avoid responsibilities or your escapism mentality while they are afraid not to be "enough" for you.

  The stage where confusion becomes the most dormant sensation in your reality. Where pain replaces each and every breath of yours, where your silent screams replace the normal stream of thoughts...

  A crazy exchange of energies which sometimes - if they are not transmuted properly for the sake of growth- can be harmful and completely unnecessary as they become signs of self-victimization & self-abuse.

  From my personal experience, these stages can be extremely difficult to cope with, as you HAVE to go through this for a gazillion of "Ascension & Spiritual growth" reasons, unless of course you "surrender" but how you actually do this?

Here are the 4 most effective things to do while you are under the influence of those energies:

1)Morning "momentum" 

  As Abraham Hicks teaches, we need 68 seconds to form a basic energetic pattern (negative or positive) based on the flow of our thoughts and therefore emotions.

  So first thing in the morning, we make sure that ALL of our thoughts and emotions are going to have a positive character.

  Many of the Twin Flames (or any encounter of such kind of relationship), they know the immense pain on their heart chakra when they wake up in the morning. So I found out a relatively easy way to do this.

  I imagine my self sitting on a big comfy chair and at the same time I am within my body and inside my heart chakra (like I sit inside my chest). I try to keep my focus within me and breath deeply while I remain in a meditative state.

  This will help you center and remain at ease while you are raising from your bed. Next thing you must immediately do is to start "self-empowering incantations" in order to bring back the attention to YOU and reclaim your lost faith in your awesomeness!

2)Meditation - Inwardness

 The most actually important element which works is removing the thought stream or at least ease it.

This is called inwardness, removing the attention from what "is" and putting your focus in the moment of now, without being distracted by the exterior factors. Or even from the stories, you created from the old perception point of view.

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 You can simply start exercising meditation by just sitting on a chair with a straight spine and just carefully watch your breath while you inhale cold air comes in and while you exhale hot air comes out!

"Aaaand relax... Your muscles are now relaxing... Breathing deeper and deeper...
You already feel more relaxed, your arms feel heavier and heavier... You will now..." oooh ok I will stop it! :P

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  For people who are already familiar with the subject of meditation (actually most of the real Twin Flames are), they can use the advanced version I personally created for better and more effective results.

  My experience taught me that situations and energy dynamics like these need a different, deeper approach as they carry a heavier load due to their function to transmute the individuals involved in ANY way possible. Treating yourself properly and in great detail, it will bring actual and amazing results.

3)Volunteering - Offering

  One of the main purposes of the appearance of your Twin Flame in your life is the awakening OR the "go back to your mission, stronger and better" calling. No matter how much we want to believe and dream in the romantic aspect of that relationship is mostly a waste of time.

  So if you really wanna feel better within you, you must do the same thing to someone else. You might ask me "how the hell am I gonna help someone when I am broken into a million pieces?"

  Yes you are somehow right but in a mysterious divine way, when you go for it and willing to help someone not to go through what you 've been through, then the Grace of God (Universe, Ether, Love u name it) will support you and also give back to you the love, which will help you go through this stage.

  Go out there and offer, offer anything, from a plate of food, a smile, a hug, a service of love.
Do anything that will make someone else happy. This is how you are going to get happy too!


  Going into isolation mode, is the first thing someone does when they go through distressful situations. Defense mechanisms rise from everywhere to support your wounded self from getting into trouble again.

"So you lock up. You return back to that little cave of yours..."

  But that's NOT what you are supposed to do. The key is going out there, find new people, socialize, have some fun! Go and dance in a club and if noone does (like in my case) then go upfront and make a start. And keep on dancing, enjoying the moment, feeling alive and stronger than before. Simply because you are! Just keep the momentum going, remember, you are a leader, you need to act like one and take control of the amazing vibes you can project!

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  Try to be most of the time among other people, take your laptop, go to a cafe and study instead of staying inside the house, go to a local event, a music concert or seminar, avoid keeping yourself locked in a place where thoughts can easily take over and overwhelm you.

  So my dear ones, use everything you have in your disposal to stay away from any negative energy, respect and love yourself truly, as your Twin Flame came to teach you. Namaste :)

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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