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Twin Flames: The Final Chapter

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager

If you are in this path a long time two things could have happened.
You are now even deeper in the sh#thole or you escaped almost dead but more aware than ever. But for sure in both scenarios you realized one thing for sure.
That wasn't and it will never be a romantic fairytale but a crazy rollercoaster of nonsensical interactions between two people who reflect each other in various ways.

But if you have been in a real, authentic, and rare Twin Flame relationship then you also now that something even deeper and much more complex is going on that noone managed to fully explain yet.

I experienced a connection so confusing yet so magical which left me with so many questions but also with so many answers as I took the journey from its real angle and not from its romantic false side of things. Even though the romantic part seemed to had so much potential but all of this is the honey which attracts the fly to the trap.

But who is the fly? Our own undeveloped ego which the only way to be destroyed its by demolishing its own illusions and dreamy unreal concepts and assumptions. And how that happens? Well... first we might ask, what is our weakest point?

And here is where everything begins. From our own need to be loved and be approved.
From our own need to have someone else in our lives in order for us to feel complete.
And by the Law of Attraction, a incomplete needy person will attract exactly the same thing. So let's begin.

Each LightWorker in its own personal Path of Ascension has to ... upgrade. And what needs to change?
The level of their Ego developmental stage. You can't lead others if you cry over a man all day long and you can't bring a change to this planet if all you care is your need to be approved and loved by someone. So these kind of needs and lower desires are about to be transmuted. And why?

Love is the main energy of Cosmos as also Fear. We though as humans learned to love with conditions and certain reasoning which focuses this energy only to a specific point, manifesting therefore a limited portion of what we can actually do.
Also we are using relationships as a platform to prove to ourselves how inadequate we are to love and to excuse the constant abandonment as a part of our "bad luck" and our "f#cked up life". So if you see the main picture, most of your thoughts, beliefs and experiences around love and human connections have been at its majority negative and troublesome.

So by those beliefs and experiences the term "love" is distorted in a gazillion ways, limiting and almost eliminating this so important and vital energy. And in order for us to learn how to use this energy in its full potential, we have to get rid of all the false beliefs, all our needs and weaknesses.

So the best recipe for your own sake and for the sake of our mission here on Earth is your Twin Flame.
Their mission is to shock your world in indescribable ways and push you back to your real mission, not in the path of searching for Union with them but in a Union with your broken self!

You miss them, you feel them, you can't describe that experience, this pain, those emotions.
 It's not an easy path as it is meant for the strongest leaders of this planet. Are you a Real Twin Flame? Then you figured it out too I guess.

I am Alex and this is my message to you. I am a genuine 33, moving ahead along with all of you.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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