Twin Flames & The Dark Night Of The Soul
- Are You Extremely Depressed?

by Alex Ftoulis - VIP life coach - Project Manager
twin flame alex ftoulis

It all began so magically and beautiful and nothing could prepare me for what was coming.

I had no idea about Twin Flames, Karmic relationships or the Dark Night of the Soul.

I was simply excited about meeting someone like me. Well... almost like me.

Simply because I didn't know me completely. I wasn't aware of the unconscious side of my Mind, neither of my deepest fears and limitations.

I was deeply in love with her, so deep, I was excusing all of her behaviors, even if they didn't make no sense. I excused her first run away, her second, but at the third time and while we were at the peak of our connection, I couldn't handle it. And that was the trigger point of the DNOTS.

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It was winter. Everything I loved turned away from me.

My Twin with no explanation or so ever was away turning down every message and every phone call.

My business, my health all went down, instantly. Nothing made sense.

I tried my BEST to keep things balanced with my self-sacrifice.

I was the Hanged Man of the Tarot. And it felt literally like this.

But again it actually wasn't like this. This was just the representation of the Ego.

The Greater Love has no boundaries, knows no limitations and has nothing to do with what we knew so far.

So the darkest psychosomatic process you will ever experience begins...

Each breath literally hurts, and each thought for suicide brings comfort.

I remember the bliss I felt while staring down the huge windows of the second floor or from the top of the 8th floor where I was left completely shattered after she was lost again. The idea of me falling from there or anywhere, brought comfort and bliss in my heart.

And you know why? It's simply because a deeper part of you has to die for you to change and advance.

NOT you. But a part of the old Egoic pattern of limitation and old cultural programming which induces self-victimization.

I couldn't stand the daylight and I was spending endless hours in the corners of my dark room simply empty...

No emotion, constant suffocation, followed by sudden somatic spasms that could happen even in moments I was calm.

Vibrations within my body which I never felt before, unpleasant most of the times, but this process made me feel like I was somehow transforming, evolving, to a better version of me.

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Nothing could help me feel better. And I tried everything. I mean everything...

From meditating to drinking, affirmations, incantations, exercising, anything.

I tried talking but not only no one could understand me but also at that time I was surrounded by a person which at that time I couldn't realise his true presence but later on I had a profound realization of his double function, as a "helper" but at the same time it was a disguise to feed of my energy and actually break every possible connection with me and anyone else, especially her, as he knew how much I loved her.

At that point I also realized the function of certain people in our lives and especially when a strong bond like Twin Flames goes to form, such entities approach to feed of the powerful emotions and create fear and discord at the end with their jealousy in order to feed again from your own suffocation. Their solid purpose is to keep you theirs and theirs only by breaking every possible connection. 
These kind of people are actually carriers of entities as strange as it sounds to you, which is actually energy formed by thought patterns. They are called ThoughtForm Entities, a subject I 'll go in detail in an upcoming article. So if you are in a Twin Flame relationship and people like this are around and you notice such behavior patterns get rid of them immediately and at any cost.

For me to eventually deal with the Dark Night of The Soul it took me a lot of experimenting while ironically had one of the most powerful tools which again ironically I personally had created some years ago based on Occult Secrets and the St Germain's Violet Flame Merkaba a true representation of the Twin Flame Union! (You can find it HERE)
 Fortunately, though, I used it later after I was deep in the chaos of this process and it was like a gift from my past self to my future one! When I created the meditation I could never imagine that it would be from my last helping hands in my case.

But until I completely got out of the DNOTS, I was taking huge amounts of notes from my personal experience with my Twin Flame and all the lessons I missed so far from a really humble place of awareness, understanding, and forgiveness as NO egoic pattern could be present in my psyche anymore. Cause also for this process to stop you need with humbleness to recognize your own faults without blaming your Twin Flame and change the habits or anything that causes such behavior characteristics. Becoming Love is the Final Key.

The intensity of this experience is profound but it also brings outstanding results. I came out of this stronger than ever before, even though that deep sadness and extreme longing for my Twin was present at times, I was becoming even more and more in tune with my deeper personal power and authority to control my own thoughts and emotions.

I also applied the techniques which I describe in this article on how to overcome the Twin Flame Dynamics which actually did also a great job on DNOTS, which at the end of the day it's solid purpose is to bring a profound change in all the levels of your psyche.

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While you are struggling to go off the darkness and back into the light, and while nothing works that you learned so far, you are called to adopt different habits, new perspectives and points of view, to transcend the limitations of your human identity.

This is the True Path Of Magus, that I discovered in ancients scripts and I am about to reveal soon. The Real Reincarnation & Union of the greatest and rarest Wizards and Witches of Earth.

The Dark Night of The Soul is a process meant for few so don't start panicking! If you are a Real Twin Flame, a Warrior of Light, you will not be afraid of such processes, cause you crave to get rid of your programming, limitations and old egoic patterns.

If you are already in such a phase hold on my friend.
Only the strongest can go through this. And you are one of them.

Have you been in a similar situation?
 Let me know in the comments below!

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


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