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Oh My Twin… - The Divine Cruel Lesson of Twin Flame Couples

By Alex "Angel" Ftoulis

You miss them. You look for them. Everywhere you stare they are there.

In your every heartbeat something is missing in the in between.

Without them, anything you do seems empty.

You can't smile anymore.

Laughing is out of your vocabulary too.

All is gone. You left devastated broken like never before because they were everything you were seeking in your life.

They gave you moments to remember for a lifetime.

And now they are gone. Without explanation, with no reason.

They don't reply to messages, to your phone calls and you are wondering what happened.

Confusion. You seek clarity like never before. You run after them.

Sometimes they come back with nonsensical excuses and only one hug makes you forget everything and forgive them. 

And here we go. The dance begins. Runners, chasers, you name it.

Unresolved issues they say. Fears and old karmic debts and so many other things that need healing...

And then you remember. You remember that in this process you forgot yourself. 

You forgot how much you deserve love.

You start thinking that you might deserve mutual awesome respectful communication too. Then again your Twin Flame is nothing of all of this. They run they hide.

They talk to you with a cold hearted attitude not even your enemy would. But that's ok.

You should not judge them. Judge no one.

If you attracted such a connection it simply means this. You don't love yourself enough.

And when I say enough I mean unconditional. No conditions, nothing.

This journey has one only purpose.

To awaken the hearts of the warriors of this planet.

By destroying them and their hearts you gonna say?


But by destroying each and every barrier the Ego has put there.

A codependent form of relationships?

Attachments of any kind?

Victimization and self-pity?

Allowing external circumstances affect your inner state of peace?

Expectations that remain unfulfilled?

Assumptions you make out of insecurities?

And now you realize that with all of these issues you had was impossible to have a healthy beautiful relationship with your companion. And now you thank the Universe for sending you the most peculiar and difficult test out there. To remove the clutter that didn't allow Love to flow freely in your life.

Now my friend relax. Go within and let go of your Twin Flame.

They are in your life for the purpose of healing first of all.

So go within and find your self. Your Higher Self.

Not any programmed Ego that leads you to unwanted results each and every time.

Love and Heal yourself, enjoy your life by helping other people to feel happy again!

That's your purpose here on this Earth. Not running after someone who didn't care enough.

This is their problem, not yours. Go and be the warrior you are.

by Alex "Angel" Ftoulis


Twin Flame Meditation