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Hello there! 
My name is Alex "AnG3L" Ftoulis and I am a VIP Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, and Project Manager.
I devoted more than 20 years of my life searching for answers and solutions regarding life's problems researching domains in the field of Analytical, Personality, Experimental  Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Eastern and Western Philosophies and Religions, Occultism, Quantum Mechanics and more.

  My passion to find what exactly creates the tangible reality we live in the slightest detail, led me to a long journey into psychology, quantum mechanics and occultism to discover the connection and reasons between everything. Reasons behind problematic relationships, general limitations, issues affecting human psychology and general physical health for me had to have a real reason and therefore an actual solution. After 20 years of intense researches I developed methods & tools capable of transforming you  to your best version of yourself by overcoming traditional coaching limitations and therefore achieving the desired results.

VIP coaching & services

My products and  services are targeting high level executives, sport players - athletes, professional poker players, entrepreneurs, VIP people but not only. If you are looking to "reboot" your life physically and mentally with my advanced methods & techniques, if you are seeking for real genuine answers, guidance or healing, or you might even want to spoil yourself with my teams VIP luxury services, then you are in the right place. 

VIP coaching session

2 hour advanced coaching & support session*(more info below).
Customize your needs, from Personal Counseling & Support,
Project Management, to Luxury VIP services
Price: €4999
price including VIP team: €5999**

Get this 2 hour* VIP session and benefit from our services such as MultiEntry® Personal Counselling & Support, Pulsative Reiki® Massage, ROOT® & R.O.P® methods of Subconscious Reprogramming or even get a quick "readaptation" counseling session as a returning customer. Your breakthrough is guaranteed.

What you get:

-One personal Live or Skype session
-2 services included
-Custom 3 month program by request
+IamFree Team services
+Terms & Conditions Apply

VIP Advanced 1 Year Program

This is the Ultimate Package for those who seek real personal transformation.
Two sessions each month for one intense life-changing year. 
 Price: €119.000 +Team Services

Get ready to change or upgrade your life and business, with this 1 year VIP advanced coaching program. Get to know and use all of our personal methods and techniques based on the latest most advanced personal development reseraches and just leave your psychosomatic transformation in our hands.

What you get:

-24 unique sessions that will
completely transform YOU and your life.
-ALL services included.
-Custom 12 month coaching program 
-Daily support (Phone call or via online messaging)***
+IamFree Team services (included for free)
+Terms & Conditions Apply

*Our VIP sessions are not just a random call between us and the client. Prior to each session, we are gathering all the necessary information (via a free call) in order to perform a detailed analysis of an array of probable factors such as natal charts and current astrological alignments, human design charts, social, family and religious conditioning, recent events, physical and mental states,  in order to be extremely accurate in our approach towards your problems and progress for maximum best results. The first session comes with a custom 3 to 12 month program, custom tailored on your personal attributes and goals.

 **When you hire our Team, 2 extra hours are provided which include: 

Personal Yoga, Personal Trainer, Massage & Reiki Therapies, Hairstylists or even Spa Therapies (currently covering Cyprus and Netherlands - contact us for updates)

***The amount of time will be prearranged for phone calls according to the availability of the coach.
GENERAL ADVICE: It's always advised that before applying for any of our sessions to contact us for a free introductory call to go further into the details and also make sure that you are eligible for the best possible future results.


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