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Tarot & Coaching
with Alex

I don't only predict your future.
I help you create a new one...

3 Card Love Tarot Reading

Quick hints that can save you.

-3 Tarot Cards
-Main Keys in your case/question
-15 minutes FAST reading
-Available online via Skype
and Live 1on1

Live price: €30*
Online price : €30.99

*This is a product of offer and it can change
anytime soon without notice.

Celtic Cross Tarot & Coaching*

The best seller package which transformed the lives of many worldwide.

-10 Tarot Cards
-Multiple tips and keys to guide you
through your question
-Professional coaching & counseling 
to get to your desired outcome eitherway
-60 minutes session 
-Available online via Skype
and Live 1on1


Live price: €80
Online price :€80.99

Ultimatum Package

Divide and Conquer.

-3 Unique & Different
Celtic Cross Sessions
-See your life in more detail and take action more accurate in 3 different sessions: Love, Money,
& Answers from the Angels for 1 year period
-3x 60 minutes sessions
(delivered in a week)  
-Available online via Skype
and Live 1on1

from €242.97 only €220.99
Live price:  €220

Our clients experience with Tarot:

"I had the most amazing experience with Alex. Everything was on spot and he gave me very helpful hints on how I am going to find my long lost balance in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"First I was in doubt but after 5 minutes I was relaxed and amazed by the flow and the accuracy of the reading. Alex has a great personality which makes the reading so much easier to follow and also easier to take action with his direct and precise advises. A must have for anyone for sure!"

"Mindblown and speechless is all I can say. The most charismatic reader I came by so far."


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VIP sessions with Alex

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